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Jane E. Yow is a Training and Organization Development Consultant specializing in helping companies improve quality, productivity, and communication. The focus is on training and presentations which successfully develop and integrate the people side of management.

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Motivational Presentations
  • Values Shift: “Why can't we get good help anymore?”
    A focus on how the values and expectations of different generations impact the world of work. Why there is conflict...and how to build collaboration. The “new world of work” is about a values shift. Understanding what that means, and what is needed, is critical for today's leadership, and for recruitment and retention.

  • Life is Change; Growth is Optional
    An examination of the three stages of change; why people resist change; how to transition when change is necessary; new work habits needed in a radically changing world. The only constant is change!

  • Service: “The Way It Oughta Be!”
    Service...on both sides of the counter, to anyone, anywhere, anytime! In every interaction, the customer has...? After the interaction, the customer leaves with...? And...who is the customer, really ?

  • “Slooow Down!” Fast doesn't always get you there!
    Re-think your relationship with time. Finding balance instead of an obsession with productivity, speed, and consumerism. Did you take your time when reading this...or looking at the web site? Slooow down!

Team Development

“We belong to an orchestra, and we make harmony by
playing our particular part of the score on the instrument given to us.”

The development of effective, productive teams is a process, not a one shot deal!

  • Assessment of work behavioral styles
  • Clarification of roles/responsibilities of the individual to the team, as well as roles/responsibilities of the team to the individual.
  • Examination of group dynamics, group growth, and group norms needed for structure.
  • Becoming a partner within the team and to the business for better problem-solving and creativity.

Leadership Training

“The kind of successor I may get depends on the kind of predecessor I've been.”

“Leader”...not just a position or title; a true leader leads through positive action. Learn about true leadership in today's times, with a focus on the “how, when, and why,” and the values shift needed to be an effective leader. As Ken Blanchard says, “The head, the heart, and the hands, must all be working in harmony.”

Customer Service

“Caring Customer Service is a powerful business advantage.”


Customers are the heart of your business
. Each and every person, whether they work with you or come to you for service, want to be able to say, “You have treated me with respect and understood my needs.”

•  Create new thinking …for a change…focusing on the customer.
•  Provide the foundation and vision for becoming “customer centric.”
•  Develop a service mind-set, so that the employee / partner can be a positive influence through words and actions; processes and procedures.

Executive Coaching, Interventions, and Assessments

“When you're through learning, you're through!”

The need for people-skills is huge! Coaching and mentoring for all levels of personnel, with a focus on growth and development needed in the employee's specific work environment. Improved communication skills results in effective conflict resolution. Learn to apply key principles for effective interaction. Next time, you can be the coach!

Diversity / Non-Harassment Training

“I can't change anyone else. I can only change myself.”

Develop an awareness as well as a greater understanding of why our differences are what make us rich! Individual, as well as group prejudices and values are thoroughly discussed. Steps to overcoming biases, and moving to acceptance of others as we work and live closely together, are presented. The focus is on change as an individual.

“Times will change for the better when you change.”

California employers are required to provide sexual-harassment training for supervisors, as of January, 2005. The training must provide knowledge and expertise in the prevention, discrimination and retaliation related to sexual harassment. Non-harassment Training includes:

  •  Definition of a hostile work environment and of harassment
•  Responsibilities of the employer / maintaining a non-hostile work environment
•  Responsibilities and rights of the employee
•  Identification of protected classes
•  What the employer must do upon receiving a complaint

Secret Shopper Program/ Administration

“Be careful of your thoughts. They may become words at any time.”

Re-define service through customer feed-back. Receive information about how customers are treated in the first two minutes of interaction by telephone, and discover areas that may be keeping your business from progressing from average to excellence. Identify those areas which need additional training, and The Performance Link will conduct that training to develop each and every employee who answers the phone! The Secret Shopper Program will:

•  design criteria to be used used for performance improvement, and for excellent
     telephone customer service
•  train and assign Secret Shoppers who will call your business, and provide feedback ,
    via the criteria, on how the call is handled
•  provide monthly or quarterly reports on each individual with suggestions for improvement
•  training and coaching for groups or individuals


“We need a vision of what we can be, or we get lost in what is.”

Visioneering is a process , not just a mission statement. Leadership and all other personnel participate in defining values, beliefs and actions needed for excellence. Completion of the process provides more than a statement on paper. Employees / partners will truly walk the talk! The actions , as defined by all, are translated into performance , which makes it a “living vision.”

Tools and Appraisal Instruments

“Using these instruments will make you an instrument of peace.”
- The Performance Link

  •  DiSC Personal Profile
•  Foundations of Leadership
•  Emotional Intelligence ME Edition
•  Emotional Intelligence TEAM Edition
•  Customized 360 Degree Performance Feedback
•  Team Leader Feedback
•  Corporate / Departmental Climate Survey
•  Personalized Customer Feedback Surveys
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